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Welcome to Answers Fans. Created by Mystery Mania in 2011, this site will become the greatest fan site out there! Feel free to write in the Guestbook, or Register for more benefits.

If you were a member before we re-created the site, I'd like for you to re-join. Thanks.

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New members, Welcome to Answers Fans! As stated above, feel free to register as a member. You can also search through and/or comment on the blogs, guestbooks, forums, videos, documents, photos, etc.

This site was created because the creator of the site has an account with WikiAnswers and enjoys WikiAnswers so much, that he decided to create a fan page.We are also on Facebook, where you can see up to date information about WikiAnswers and even like us!

I encourage everyone who joins our site to tell us about yourself by taking just a couple of minutes to fill out your profile, add your WikiAnswers account and tell us about yourself, so we can get to know you better!

Thanks everyone for joining! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through email or send me a message on my WikiAnswers Message Board or leave one on here. I'm really excited about this website and I look forward to answering questions with and working with everyone on WikiAnswers!

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